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    MSME Award - 2018
    3B BlackBio Biotech India Ltd.
    (A subsidiary of Kilpest India Limited) is awarded National
    MSME Award- 2018 by Hon'ble President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind.
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    Quantify BCR-ABL transcripts robustly, reliably with a high sensitivity.
    Detect and quantify BCR-ABL1 Major (M), Minor (m) and Micro (µ) transcript in single assay.
    Calibrated to WHO reference standards to report on IS scale.
    Assesses deep molecular response beyond MR4.7
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    Achievement Award
    3B BlackBio Biotech (I) Ltd. is awarded
    with the ‘Outstanding Achievement Award in recognition of excellence
    in R&D through technology by FMPCCI, Bhopal.
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    Molecular Diagnostics Kits
    3B offers a wide range of products and services in different fields of medical testing.
    We have a technological capacity to provide innovative, cost-effective and
    reliable solutions in biomedical research and laboratory diagnostics.
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    HCV Genotyping
    HCV Genotype is a predictor of the outcome of anti-HCV therapy
    with interferon-based treatment regimens.
    Genotyping also helps to determine treatment.

3B BlackBio Biotech offers a wide range of products and services in different fields of molecular testing.


TRUPCR® offers highly sensitive and precise qPCR assays as indicated by minimum variability of replicates.


TRUPCR® offers highly specific and robust qPCR assays as indicated by highly reproducible results.

Clinically validated

TRUPCR® kits are calibrated to WHO standards and clinically validated on wide variety and numbers of samples.


TRUPCR® kits are developed, standardized and validated following international recommendations and guidelines.

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